Intensive Courses in Summer!

Summer is the ideal time to travel and see the world. And the experience is increased with good English language skills.

Before you leave, come to us and do a short intensive course designed around the needs of those travelling to an English-speaking tourist destination, or anywhere where you do not speak the local language.

After more than 20 years of experience, we have created fun and inspiring courses to prepare you for your summer holidays. We offer inexpensive packages of 4 lessons of 2 hours each. These are mainly in the morning or evening, but other times may also be possible if sufficient students are interested. Contact us for more information on what is available.

For more information on our intensive courses: Summer Intensive Courses

Welcome to the website of Lugano English – a school of business and general English in Lugano.

We are a school ten minutes walk from Piazza Riforma in Lugano, which specialises in small group (maximum 6 students, average 4) lessons for business, examination and general English purposes. Our teachers have over twenty years experience each, and are mothertongue English. The director, Andrew Bone, is Australian, with degrees from universities in London.

Our group classes are designed to consolidate and build on existing knowledge of English grammar, vocabulary, and conversation skills through small-group dynamics. We run courses at lunchtime and after work. Other times are also possible on request. Our prices are very competitive, and the year is divided into 3 courses of 12 teaching weeks each. A student may enroll for one course, but discounts are offered for consecutive courses. There are also intensive courses in summer.