A General English course involves progressively learning and practising the grammar rules, while acquiring vocabulary. Many students develop good passive knowledge of the language, and what they need is controlled conversational English practice.

General English

– laying the foundations –

Students are assessed for their level. Generally they fit one of these categories: beginner (A1), lower-intermediate (A2-B1), intermediate (B2), upper-intermediate (C1), and advanced (C2).

We assign course books for each level, and work with class exercises, homework, and audio-visual resources. The publishers of the course materials all provide online resources, which you will be able to access free of charge.

Conversational English

– activating the passive knowledge –

With over twenty years of experience, our teachers are experts in helping students activate their passive knowledge of English. We do this through small group exercises, such as role-playing, problem-solving as a team, and preparing and giving presentations.

Speaking skills are part of all courses, but this special focus class requires a minimum level of intermediate.


– sorting out the problems –

This course is intended for those students who have used English a great deal, and have good vocabulary, but have holes in their grammar knowledge. This course may be recommended as a short ‘extra’ to certain students who are following general or business English courses.

“In grammar classes, we look at the ways that people use tense, word order, and focusing structures to create successful conversations. We approach grammar learning through practical examples.” (Andrew Bone, director Lugano English)