Business English

– an essential skill in a globalised market –

English has never been as important as it is today. Whether it is holding your own in a competitive global marketplace, or getting the most out of internet tools and platforms, without competence in English, the world starts to look very inaccessible.

Lugano is an important business centre at a strategic location on the trade and finance crossroads of Europe. For this reason, we at Lugano English have developed custom business courses for the requirements of the Luganese business community. We have more than 20 years experience teaching in banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, and other business enterprises. Clients

By doing this course, you will strengthen your English language skills while gaining competency in these fields:

  • Negotiation
  • When your interlocutor is deliberating trying to find holes in your arguments is when you need to be able to rely on strong language skills. We help you learn to say exactly what you want in a weighted, convincing manner.

  • Presentations
  • The Power Point culture has made the visual side of presentations easy – but the natural speech of the presenter is what brings the slideshow to life. We practise speaking from the basis of case studies, and improvising answers to audience questions. Challenging but fun!

  • Interview techniques
  • This is a useful skill to practise, whether as the interviewer or the interviewee.

  • Written communication
  • Whether it is the content of a website, a report, a resume, or correspondence, English writing skills are often what potential clients judge the competence of a company on.

  • Verbal communication
  • Meetings and team participation tasks can be a real challenge. We practise role-playing exercises to improve the clarity and precision of your verbal expression. Improve your telephone skills by taking part in practice business calls and focusing on accent reduction.

  • Intercultural understanding
  • We have scenario exercises to help you learn to recognize and deal with cultural differences. This is invaluable for business travellers.

  • Online tools and resources
  • Lugano English has staff who are website designers and technical translators. For this reason we offer our specialist know-how and skills to students to help them get more out of online tools and resources, as well as improve their website content and design. English in a Digital Age is a business English school near the centre of Lugano, Switzerland.

One of the many business books we use.

“Business is primarily a human-human interaction experience. In business classes, we identify the needs of the individual students, and exploit the unique group dynamic to lift the control and accuracy of spoken and written English, using business contexts as our inspiration.” (Andrew Bone, director Lugano English)